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The television cooking shows of today have transformed the perception of cooking as dramatically as Julia Child did when her television show premiered 50 years ago. But the effects on viewers now and then seem to be profoundly different. Back then, Child instilled in most her viewers the confidence to cook as they've never cooked before, today's culinary shows push many to eat out like they've never eaten out before.

Still, many viewers are hitting the kitchen, as well as culinary arts schools. Across the nation enrollment in culinary arts schools has skyrocketed; many credit popular cooking shows for the trend.

So You Want to Be a Chef? Good News!
Learning culinary arts on the webCooking shows have created a bustling environment for budding chefs. And although more student chefs mean greater competition, more customers eating out mean more jobs. And what do most casual viewers learn from these shows? Well, they learn that if you want to eat the way they do on these shows, you either have to go to a restaurant and have someone cook for you, or you go to a culinary arts school and learn how to really do it yourself.

The National Restaurant Association corroborates these findings with these statistics from 2010:
$580 billion (record-high) 2010 restaurant sales;
945,000 restaurants in U.S.;
12.7 million restaurant-industry employees (among the biggest private-sector employers);
49% restaurant-industry share of food dollar;
$1.6 billion is the restaurant-industry sales on a typical day

Cooking Careers & Salaries
Just because you're one of few who pulled yourself away from "Iron Chef America" to do some cooking or pastry making, it doesn't mean you'll jump right into a head chef position. While many jobs exist in the industry, you'll need to work your way up. Attending a cooking class is an excellent way to learn modern cooking and baking techniques, gain professional contacts, and potentially increase your salary.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), on average those with degrees make more money and suffer less unemployment, as 2009 BLS statistics indicate:
Less than a high school diploma: unemployment = 14.6 percent
High school graduate: unemployment = 9.7 percent
Some college, no degree: unemployment = 8.6 percent
Associate's degree: unemployment = 6.8 percent

A sample of occupations shows the largest culinary arts positions include:
Restaurant cooks
Private household cooks
Head chefs

Whatever your cooking aspirations, culinary arts training, either locally or through an online culinary class, can help lead you to your goals, whether that's to become head chef, head baker, or the star of the newest Food Network show.


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