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Attending a culinary school for a year or so to learn what you need to know is where you can start. Not every city has a culinary arts school so you may have to either temporarily relocate to the closest city that does have one or you will have to get creative some how. You can look for the closest cooking school in your area or you can find some online options, or you could just try to find something completely different.

Some students, especially students from the upper Midwest and the northeast, like the idea of going to school somewhere where the winters aren't so cold. Many of these students attending college in Florida, Arizona, Texas or California. While northern California isn't exactly a balmy climate, at least you don't have to shovel your car out of the driveway in January. California has a lot of good state schools, but they aren't much of a bargain for out-of-state students. Find out more about schools in California.

Florida also has some culinary school options. Miami is where most of those options are. Miami can be a really fun place for a young person to live. But it also can be a city of distractions for the young college student. The warm weather, the beaches and the nightlife can distract all but the most dedicated student. Find out more about Miami and South Florida schools.

One state that often gets overlooked is Kentucky. Kentucky has a climate that doesn't reach the extreme cold that the more northern states do, and has some solid colleges in some nice-sized cities. Louisville and Lexington offer some pretty nice schools. Find out more about your chances of going to school in Kentucky.


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